TCEDA Board, Mission and Workplan


TCEDA Governing Board of Directors 2017

TCEDA Mission Statement

Promote a diverse and growing economy by pursuing business retention, expansion, and attraction that enhances quality of life in Tuolumne County.

Purpose Statement

The TCEDA is vested with the power to effectively implement, coordinate and administer general economic development programs within the County of Tuolumne, State of California, including the City of Sonora, in accordance with local, state and federal laws.  General economic development programs shall include, but are not limited to: 1) business retention and expansion; 2) business attraction; 3) business assistance programs; 4) identification of appropriate locations for and creation of “shovel ready” commercial and industrial properties including but not limited to adaptive reuse; 5) support the creation, expansion and rehabilitation of public infrastructure needed to support and sustain local business and industry (e.g. roads, water, power, sewer, telecommunications, etc.); 6) assist with educational and training opportunities tailored to equip and support the community’s workforce; and 7) pursuit of funding sources to facilitate all of the above.  In carrying out its general mission of economic development, the goals, policies and implementation programs of the TCEDA shall be generally consistent with those contained in the Economic Development Element of the Tuolumne County General Plan and Economics Element of the City of Sonora General Plan.

Major areas of focus: Create high value, high wage jobs; Diversify the local economy; Increase the local tax base; and Anticipate our economic future.


TCEDA Workplan