Why Locate in TC?

Looking for that next location to open your business, expand your market or diversify your investments? Look no further than Tuolumne County.

Tuolumne County is located within two hours of 3,578,285, three hours from 12,822,950 and five hours from 16,538,435 California residents. With over 4,500,000 visitors coming yearly to our county and surrounding forest and parks; Tuolumne County provides access to the California market without giving up on the quality of life so missing in urban areas.

Through responsible and responsive local governments, elected officials committed to attracting and retaining well paying jobs, both the County of Tuolumne and the City of Sonora are focused on providing business assistance and incentives to new, existing and expanding businesses in Tuolumne County.

We ask you not to listen just to us… but to the businesses who call Tuolumne County home. Please click on the following document to find out more.

Work where you play