Business Attraction

The TCEDA is the first point of contact for businesses and site selectors exploring opportunities to invest and establish operations in Tuolumne County.  TCEDA can assist in identifying potential locations, navigating the permitting and regulatory processes, facilitating workforce resources, building out infrastructure, providing access to capital, assisting with incentives, connections to customers/suppliers, and other business support service.

The TCEDA works in close partnership with Tuolumne County, city of Sonora and our other towns and villages. We also partner with regional economic development and workforce partners such as the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and Mother Lode Job Training. 

Please give is a call at 209-989-4058 or email us today.

Below are some quick reference guides on Tuolumne County.


Welcome to Tuolumne County Guide


Tuolumne County Incentives Guide


Tuolumne County Grants Guide


Business Cost Comparison Guide